Bunyoro's Omukama Slams Western Powers Over Attack On Libya

Bunyoro king condemns attack on Libya
The Omukama of Bunyoro Solomon Gafabusa Iguru has attacked Western powers for their invasion of Libya and trying to depose President Muammar Gadaffi.

The Omukama who marks 17 years of enthronement today, was last evening speaking during a thanksgiving prayer service held at St. Peters Cathedral Duhaga in Hoima town.

Re-echoing his condemnation on the whites for dividing Africa and plundering its resources, the Omukama said this trend still manifests itself in Africa.

Iguru a re-known friend to Libyan leader explained that the attack on Gadaffi by combined western powers is a clear manifestation of how the whites still want to exert power on Africa.

Branding the whites as “thieves” the Omukama claims the western countries want to plunder Libya's resources in the name of liberating Libyans.

His remarks come at a time when several western countries among them France have agreed to pool resources and back Libyan rebels against Gadaffi.

Gadaffi, the longest serving African head of state came under fire about three months ago in what started as a mass uprising orchestrated by rebels.

His brutal response in trying to crash the revolt attracted the attention of western powers whose armies now occupy the Libyan territory.

Iguru called for unity among African states saying this will be the only way to fight off Western dominance and the plundering of African resources.

Libya is one of the leading oil producing nations globally.

The service was led by the Archbishop of the Congolese Anglican Church, Henry Isingoma of the Hema tribe from Mboga in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In his fluent Kinyoro Sermon, the archbishop dwelt on tracing the Hema origin saying they are part of Bunyoro but only found their part lying in DRC during the colonial territorial demarcation.

In a sermon punctuated by ululations by the excited congregation, Archbishop Isingoma explained that the Bahema still hold a strong attachment to Bunyoro and that they admire their traditional culture.

He says coming to attend the Omukama’s Empango celebration is intended for him to acquaint more with the Kinyoro culture and then spread the gospel back home. The archbishop was flunked by a group of elders and clan heads from Mboga.

Bunyoro king Omukama Solomon Gafabusa Iguru today marks 17 years of ascendance to his father’s throne at a function locally known as Empango. The function is on at Karuziika palace in Hoima town with President Yoweri Museveni expected to be chief guest.

Meanwhile its business boom at the palace courtyard as several companies and individual traders participate in a trade show that always precedes this annual event.

The traders say they are receiving customers from allover the country and abroad who have graced the function.