Busia CAO In Trouble over Misappropriated Funds

The RDC says that they want to reduce on corruption among district officials in the area and also reduce the irritating issues of Masafu sub-county.
RDC John Rex Aachila addressing journalists in his office

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John Rex Aachila, the Busia resident district commissioner- RDC has summoned Joseph Balisanyuka. the chief administrative officer- CAO over misappropriation of 49 million Shillings.

The funds were part of Uganda National Roads Authority- UNRA's compensation paid to Masafu sub-county for encroaching part of its land (Masafu sub-county play ground) during the construction of Musita-Lumino, Majanji –Busia road.

The money was meant for the construction of Masafu sub-county headquarters offices in Mumutumba trading center so that the sub-county gets separated from the newly created Masafu town council.

RDC Aachila says that has tasked the CAO who is an accounting officer to explain with evidence how the sub-county money was misused between his office and the office of sub-county chief.

They have also constituted a committee led by district internal security officer-DISO to investigate and if the CAO fails to avail evidence he will face the law and be charged accordingly.

The RDC says that they want to reduce on corruption among district officials in the area and also reduce irritating issues of Masafu sub-county.

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//Cue in: “The office of the chief…..            

Cue out:…refund the money quickly”//

Mathew Taab, the L.C.3 chairman Masafu sub-county says that they were surprised to find out that sub-county chief and sub-county accountant withdrew the money and misused it by buying a piece of land at 2.8 million shillings within Masafu town council without the consent of sub-county leaders.

It was useless to buy for them a land within the village in the newly created administrative unit yet their aim is to separate the two local government, he said.

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//Cue in; “That they bought land….          

Cue out:…within the sub-county”//

Clement Kakosa, the Bukobe parish councilor in Masafu sub-county says that they want both CAO and sub-county chief to explain the powers they used to buy land, and also give accountability on the remaining balance of about 3.1 million shillings which is not reflected anywhere.

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Patrick Odongo, the Masafu sub-county chief who was last month arrested over the same matter and later released on police bond, said that he was spending the money following the guidance given to him by his bosses.

Joseph Balisanyuka, the Busia CAO in a phone interview with our reporter since he has not been in office says that is busy in the meeting.  

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