Busia Cooperative Society Chairperson Arrested over Misappropriation of UGX 23m

BUFA members accused Mayende for conniving with key signitories to withdraw the money in the cooperative's bank which is in Finance trust bank without the consent of the members.

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The Chairman Busia Fish Traders Cooperative Society-BUFA George Mayende has been arrested for allegedly misappropriating 23 Million Shillings of members’ savings.

BUFA members accuse Mayende of conniving with signatories of the Bank account to withdraw the money Finance Trust Bank without the consent of the members. The cooperative was registered 25 years ago and it has currently 500 members.

Ibrahim Isanga, a member says that some members wanted to borrow money to boost their fish business, but were shocked to be told that there is no money on the account.

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Cue out:...twagala sente zaffe"//

Brian Wabwire, another trader and BUFA youth chairperson says that they are demanding answers on who authorized the chairman to withdraw their savings. He says that the savings are meant to boost the members business.

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Eunice Wasswa, a trader says that they want the BUFA cooperative committee to refund the money so that they can share and everyone saves at his bank account.

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Hassan Sekyete, the BUFA committee member says that the key signatories who also includes Allan Bwire, the BUFA Chairperson withdrew the money last year and shared it among themselves but failed to refund it.

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Moses Kakiryo, the Busia District Police Commander says that they have arrested Mayende to help police in investigations over the matter.