Busia Youth Offer to Join District Taskforce to Fight COVID-19

Kyomuhendo Queen, a teacher by profession and the group mobilization secretary says that she has observed residents have disregarded presidential directives which calls for the efforts of everyone to inform and continue sensitizing them about the and dangers of the disease.

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Several youth in Busia district have offered to join the district COVID-19 taskforce to boost their efforts in the fight against the spread of the virus in the district. 

On Tuesday about 210 youth under their umbrella Busia Youths Effort to Fight COVID-19 visited the district headquarters to meet the members of the district taskforce with the aim of offering support in the fight against the virus.

The youth included those who work in the produce market which has since been closed, teachers, local musicians, shopkeepers and boda boda riders among others.     

According to the youth they have realized that there is a gap in information flow from the district COVID-19 taskforce to residents. The youth said they want to help and start moving across the entire district conducting door to door sensitization to ensure everyone gets information concerning the virus.         

Brian Wanjala, the Chairperson of the group says that the members have  collected some money that he says will facilitate them in the field and also purchase1,000 face masks and soap that they are to distribute to each house hold they reach across the district.      

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Cue out:...byee bimu kububonero."//    

Queen Kyomuhendo, a teacher by profession and the group mobilization secretary says that she has observed that residents have disregarded some of the presidential directives in the fight against COVID-19. She said this now calls for more efforts in the area of sensitizing residents.

She says that after they have done their job and the threat of the virus reduces, it will prompt government to quickly open up all business at the border district such that they can go back to work.       

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Cue out......gulupu enno embeera."//   

Philbert Bwire, the youth group speaker says that he lost his job as a broker since the produce market was closed and now they want to fight the disease to its end so that the situation normalizes. He appeals to local leaders to join them in an effort to spread the COVID-19 message.     

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Sharfwa Namayi, another youth says that in her village most residents have never seen the hand sanitizer or even face masks.       

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Cue out:...for another things."//    

Geoffrey Wandera, the Busia district LCV chairperson also Chairman Busia district COVID-19 taskforce committee says that the youth will help them to create awareness among community members.        

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