Butcheries in Fort Portal in an Appalling Condition

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The condition of butcheries in Fort Portal has residents of the Rwenzori Mountains town worried.
Over the weekend three dead rats were found at Down Town Butchery in Kitumba, one of the popular butcheries in town. On Sunday, human waste was lying uncollected next to three butchers in Kisenyi, a suburb of Fort Portal.
Many of the butchers in the town are in an appalling state with leaking roofs, no water or drainages and pools of blood and swarms of flies everywhere.
The four butcheries at Kabundaire Market, the largest market in Fort Portal, are built just next to the main sewerage system.
Meat value chain standards set by the Uganda National Bureau of Standards require every butchery to have sufficient space, refrigerating facilities and clean flowing water at all times.
The Mayor Fort Portal, Edison Ruyonga, says all butcheries will be inspected to ensure that they adhere to basic hygienic standards. He says those found to be lacking will be closed.
Robert Rukidi and Hope Katusabe, residents of Fort Portal, say no exceptions should be made in ensuring the highest standards for butchery operation because meat sold in unhygienic conditions directly affects their health.
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According to the livestock investment portfolio available from Uganda Investment Authority, there is no single modern abattoir in Uganda. Many supermarkets and eating-houses have specialized cuts on offer on their shelves and menus. However there is no internationally recognized abattoir in the entire country.