Butiaba Health Center III Reopened

The Health facility was in October last year submerged by floods rising from Lake Albert.
The Butiaba Health Center III that was submerged by floods from the rsisng water levels of Lake Albert.Photo by Emmanuel Okello.

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Butiaba Health Center III in Buliisa District has been reopened. The facility was in October last year submerged by floods rising from Lake Albert.

As a result, health services at the health facility were then relocated to Butiaba Primary school as pupils were still home due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.    

The floods submerged the staff quarters, maternity, male and female wards, store and the Outpatient Department - OPD among other facilities around the health centre. Also submerged were roads leading to the health facility making it difficult for patients to access.   

The health centre receives 200 patients a day on average including those from the Democratic Republic of Congo-DRC. However, following the resumption of classes by semi candidates, medical workers at the health centre found it hard to continue operating at the school yet its premises are still submerged.

They were compelled to close the facility because they lacked space to accommodate staff and patients.    

Dr Nelson Naisye, the Buliisa District Health Officer-DHO says that the facility was reopened on Wednesday following a public outcry.  

He says health services at the facility have been shifted to the former Butiaba sub-county headquarters that has adequate space to accommodate both staff and patients.  

Nicholas Aliganyira, the Biiso Sub County Councilor says the reopening of the health facility will help reduce the burden and pressure that was being exerted on Biiso Health Center IV.

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Cue out:… Health Center IV.”// 

Robert Tibasiima, a fisherman at Butiaba landing site says the reopening of the facility will save expectant mothers and HIV/AIDS patients who have been trekking long distances in search of health services.

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