Residents Report City Businessman to Land Commission

Nathan Moses Bisaso, a resident of Buso said Ngambwa destroyed his crops and assaulted him together with his disabled mother, father and wife.
Displaced Nansubuga breaks down, besides is her daugher Gertrude Nakimbugwe

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Ruta Ngambwa, the proprietor of Prime Estates Limited has been implicated in the torture, mistreatment and displacement of Bibanja holders in Buwaga and Buso villages in Busukuma Sub County in Wakiso district. The complaints came up during a field visit by the Justice Catherine Bamugemereire Land Commission to Buso and Buwagga villages on Wednesday evening.

During the field visit, Bibanja holders accused Ngambwa of terrorizing them over their land.  Margaret Nansubuga, 80, said Ngambwa evicted her from her matrimonial home, which sits on six acres of land. She explained that Ngambwa stormed her home with security guards and demolished her houses.

She currently lives with her family in Bulemezi. Nansubuga is one of those Ngambwa claims sold him their land. Nansubuga said that she and her daughter, Gertrude Nakimbugwe entered an agreement with Ngambwa to buy 30 acres of their land at Shillings 345million but he didn't pay them a single cent.

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She said Ngambwa grabbed more than 235 acres of their family land. David Omba, another resident told the Commission the tragedy that befell him because of Ngambwa. He explained that Ngambwa stormed his home and introduced himself as the land lord. 

He said Ngambwa told him he would give him 30 decimals of the 4 acre piece of land he was occupying, a proposal he rejected. Omba says the businessman started threatening him and got him locked up at Kasangati Police station for allegedly trespassing on his land. 

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Ngambwa claims to have bought the land from the Nakimbugwe's family. He says he paid them Shillings 166 million and remained with some balance. As to how he acquired more of the family land from the original 30 acres offered, Ngambwa claimed that the family entered an agreement with him that he takes part of the land as compensation for helping them survey their land. 

He however, didn't provide any evidence to this effect and how much more land he took over as compensation. Ngambwa is also accused of terrorising residents of the nearby Buso village. Nathan Moses Bisaso, a resident of Buso said Ngambwa destroyed his crops and assaulted him together with his disabled mother, father and wife. 

He also said Ngambwa damaged his car. Bisaso said he reported the case to police and took the matter to court. Joseph Mwebe, the Buso Village Chairperson, confirmed the complaints by residents saying Ngambwa uses a lot of force against Bibanga holders.

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Ngambwa also reportedly grabbed over 235 acres of land in Buso village. The land belonged to the family of Ssonko Kosea from whom Ngambwa claims to have bought it. Some of the family members however say Ngambwa conned them of their land.

The matter is still in court.