Buyende Residents Irked by Poor State of Roads

The affected roads include the 68km Kamuli-Bukungu road and the 58km Buyende-Kidera road.
Women walk through one of the submerged sections along the Kamuli-Bukungu road.

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Residents in Buyende district have complained about the poor state of roads within their area.

The residents say major roads linking them to the neighboring districts of Kamuli and Kaliro have been submerged by water, blocking traffic for now over six weeks.

The affected roads include the 68km Kamuli-Bukungu road and the 58km Buyende-Kidera road.

Francis Wakaila, a resident of Nabigaga village located along the Kamuli-Bukungu road says the bad road has brought about increase in accidents and loss of lives.

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Joy Mukyala, a resident of Ndorwa village says that they can no longer access health services in the neighboring district of Kamuli due to deep ditches on the roads.

Mukyala adds that the ditches have harbored stagnant water and motorists charge them highly.

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Julius Opio, another resident from Kidera sub county who has mobilized a team of unemployed youth to physically carry passengers says that they charge between 1000-1500 Shillings per person.

Opio however claims that due to increasing water levels, most of his colleagues have pulled out of the business.

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However, Uganda National Roads Authority- UNRA’s Jinja station manager, Dinah Nakombe says that the roads have been submerged at different crossing sections due to increasing water levels in Lale Kyoga which has spilled to the surrounding wetlands.

Nakombe stresses that the wetlands have failed to hold the excess water volumes which have diverted to the major roads within the district. She adds that thier engineers have been dispatched to fix the problem.

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