Cabinet Approves National Intellectual Property Policy, 2019

Cabinet has approved the National Intellectual Property (IP) Policy. The sole purpose of intellectual property law is to allow the people who create and invent things to profit from their work.
Government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo
Cabinet has approved the National Intellectual Property (IP) Policy, the government spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo has revealed. The objective of the policy is to for stimulate innovation, creativity and attract foreign direct investments.

According to cabinet, a strong IP system will encourage economic growth due to advancement in technology. 

The policy is also intended to support establishment of comprehensive Public and Private institutional IP frame works for administration, protection, commercialization and enforcement of rights thus ensuring delivery of IP services to all stake holders.  

Intellectual Properties include ideas, inventions, discoveries, trade secrets, processes, programs, data, formula, patents, copyrights, trademarks, and designs among others. These commonly manifest in the works of musicians, poets and writers among others    

Opondo says that with such a policy in place, owners of works like songs shall have close ownership to their works and protect them from people who make benefit out of their works without any understanding with the artist.  

//Cue in: “For example you…”   

Cue out: “…somebody’s music”//    

The policy is also intended to ensure effective IP rights enforcement. According to cabinet, this will be achieved through building collaborations and strengthening linkages between different IP   administrative and enforcement entities.   

Opondo says the policy facilitates more active and comprehensive promotion of IP awareness through appropriate short training programs. 

It is also intended to generate effective and beneficial linkages between the National and International IP systems as well as set a policy direction in Regional and International relations in respect of Intellectual Property.     

Opondo says this will improve Uganda’s chances of receiving innovators with a guarantee their innovations shall be protected by law enforceable by this policy.     

//Cue in: ‘So as we…”   

Cue out: “…to take it”//   

The sole purpose of the intellectual property law is to allow the people who create and invent things to profit from their work.         

Cabinet also approved the appointment of the Members of the Board of trustees for Uganda National Cultural Centre for a period of 3 years.  

The Appointees are; Sam Okello Kello (Chairperson), Cissy Mbabazi (Vice Chairperson), and board members Wilson Usher Owere, Juliet Jolly Kyobutungi, Edison Ngirabakunzi, Kiyimba Musisi, Juliana Naumo Akoryo and Fred Mutebi      

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