Case File on 'Corrupt' Police Detective hidden at a Masindi Petrol Station

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A police file on a detective in Masindi, who was arrested last week for receiving a bribe, has found at a petrol station.
Reuben Byabagambi was arrested last week for receiving a bribe of 300,000 shillings to falsify evidence in a land case. He got the bribe from a businessman in Masindi called James Kabagambe.
Kabagambe told police officers who arrested Byabagambi that the detective had demanded for one million shillings for the case, but agreed to receive a third of it as a down payment.
Early this week, the police file went missing. Sources at Masindi Police Station say that Byabagambi used the disappearance of the documents to claim that he had a good reputation and was merely being framed.
Now the Masindi CID officer, Tinka Zarugaba, reveals that the file was found at Shell Malindi petrol station in Masindi town. He does not say what led to this discovery.
However the same sources at the police station, who requested anonymity, say it is believed that Byabagambi colluded to smuggle the file out of the station shortly after he was arrested.
A female police officer in the traffic department has filed a statement claiming that when the detective was arrested, Byabagambi handed her a bag to keep. She says she didn't look inside it and left it at the petrol station for a while.
The Masindi CID officer says Byabagambi, who is out jail on bond, will face additional charges of destroying police evidence. He says the case file will be sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions the festive season is over.
Reuben Byabagambi could not be reached for a comment on this development. At the time of his arrest, he vehemently denied any wrongdoing.
The staff of Shell Malindi petrol station have refused speak about the case.