CCTV Cameras Installed in Luweero Town Council, Busia

The installation is part of the countrywide plans to install surveillance cameras to curb rates of urban crimes.
A truck used to aid the installation of the CCTV Cameras in Luweero Town Council

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Authorities and residents in Luwero Town Council and Busia Municipality have expressed hope in the reduction of crime following the installation of CCTV cameras.

In Luwero Town Council, the cameras have been installed at Balikyewuunya along the Kampala-Gulu highway, at Luweero-Kiwoko road, in Kasana town. The other places are Piida, in Mabaale Trading Centre, Kiyenje Trading Center and at Nnakkazi near the route to the Luweero State Lodge.

Luweero Town Council III Chairperson Paul Mukungu says that installation of the cameras started two months ago.

He says that cameras will help to identify criminals who have always taken advantage of achieving their missions without being unidentified.

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Cue out: ...the criminal offenders."//

Kasana-Kakookolo Village LCI Chairperson in Luweero Town Council, George William Namugera says that the installation of cameras is long overdue. He expresses optimism that days of criminals who have been taking advantage of hiding in dark spots are long gone.

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In Busia Municipality, the cameras are being installed along the Busia-Jinja road, Busia-Tororo road, Majanji road, Custom road, and in crime-prone areas like Sibarara, Arubaine, Nangwe shops, Sofia, Solo and at equator among others.

The installation started in July this year and is expected to be completed by end of November 2020.

Emmanuel Wafula, a resident of Sofia village says that they were tired of increased cases of theft especially animals and housebreaking adding that installation of cameras will help in identifying the thieves.

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Joseph Wanyama a boda-boda rider says that the cameras will help reduce crime rate in Busia and improve on the security. He says that several burglaries have been taking place in the area.


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Julius Caesar Tusingwire, the Bukedi South Regional Police Commander says that the cameras can monitor a radius of 2 kilometres.

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