Blackmail Rife In Complaints Against Judiciary - Katureebe

Chief Justice Bart Katureebe has warned the new Judicial Service Commission JSC to scrutinise carefully complaints against judicial officers.
Justice Benjamin Kabiito, chairman JSC takes oath at the High Court in Kampala

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Chief Justice Bart Katureebe has warned the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) to scrutinise carefully complaints against judicial officers.

Katureebe, while speaking at the swearing-in of the incoming commissioners at High Court in Kampala today, says the Commission should be watchful of individuals who make allegations.

Any complaint must be investigated but must be done through the rules of natural justice.

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Katureebe today presided over the swearing in of Justice Benjamin Kabiito, the chairman of JSC, who replaces Justice James Ogoola.  Kabiito will be deputised by Supreme Court judge, Justice Faith Mwondha.

Other members of the Commission include former Uganda Law Society President, Ruth Ssebatindira, Norah Matovu Winyi, Dr. Laban Nnini Kirya, former Sheema Woman MP, Rosemary Nyakikongoro and former Teso Affairs minister, Christine Amongin Aporu.

One of the tasks for the new Commissioners, who will serve a four-year term in office, includes hearing 300 cases of indiscipline against judicial officers.

Also to be tackled is the growing public scrutiny on judicial officers who have been severally accused of corruption.

Justice Kabiito says most of the cases have not been heard for years, stressing that delay in handling the complaints expeditiously affects public confidence in the judiciary.

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Henry Kyemba, one of the outgoing commissioners, who represented Justice Ogoola, tasked the new team to tackle the incessant challenge of backlog of cases within the judiciary.

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Justice Kabiito says some of the issues the new team plans to tackle include digitising the case management system; push for better remuneration of judicial officers and get a permanent home for the Commission.