Chimpanzee Attacks Another Minor, Residents in Panic

The victim is five-year-old Mugabe Bikahwa, a resident of Karuswiga central cell in Muhorro town council.
Kasumba, The young Chimpanzee Feeding During Initiation

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 Another minor is nursing injuries following a chimpanzee attack in Kagadi district. The victim is five-year-old Mugabe Bikahwa, a resident of Karuswiga central cell in Muhorro town council. 

His father, Omuhereza Bikahwa of Karuswiga central cell, says the chimpanzee grabbed his son Thursday as he was returning with a group of women and children from fetching water for domestic use. “My son was coming from the water source with his colleagues when the chimpanzee attacked them," he said. 

He explains that the Chimpanzee was attracted by the noise of the children, adding that one of the chimpanzees that were enjoying jack fruit and mangoes in the garden grabbed his son and took him to the bush only to be rescued by residents after hearing alarms from his colleagues.

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The minor's mother, Ouhereza Basigirenda Bikahwa has asked Uganda Wildlife Authority to relocate the chimpanzees to stop them from attacking residents.

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Aliru Basanya, the chairperson of Igulika cell says the free chimpanzee attack especially on children has triggered panic among residents. He calls for the intervention of UWA to protect them.

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The incident comes just days after another 3-year-old Rosemary Kunihira, a daughter to Kyaligonza Businge, a resident of Nyamiti cell in Muhorro Town council Kagadi District, was bitten by a chimpanzee, which left her with several wounds on the stomach. She has been admitted to Doctor's clinic in Muhorro town.  

She was injured over the weekend as she ferried water for domestic use. Her family is demanding compensation from the government.  Sergeant Wilson Amanya, the in-charge of Kibaale, Kagadi, and Kakumiro districts under UWA has described the incident as unfortunate. He, however, says that the authority will not compensate the family. 

“There is no provision in the law for us to compensate in such a case,” he said. He explained that out of charity, they at times give a helping hand to the victims. Amanya disclosed that UWA would dispatch a team to investigate the cause of the animal attack.  Cases of wild animals attacking children in Kagadi District have been common. 

In June 2020, a-two and half year -old infant, Kajura Ainebyoona was attacked by a stray ape at a maize plantation when about six children from the neighborhood were harvesting maize in the morning. The incident happened in Kyarwakya Village, Kamuroza parish in Kyanaisoke sub-county Kagadi district. 

In June 2018, a five-month-old baby girl sustained severe wounds following an attack by stray chimpanzees in Kyamajaaka cell in Muhorro town Council. The baby's mother, Olive Kemigisha said more than 20 chimpanzees believed to have escaped from Kangombe forest reserve invaded the victim's home in Kyamajaka cell in Kagadi town Council and attacked her child. 

Another incident happened in March 2021 when a stray Chimpanzee grabbed and injured a 6-year-old Kellen Jarida, daughter to Annet Ganyira of Kyamajaka cell, Muhorro town council. 

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