CID Boss Takes Over Minister Kasolo's Case

Nsubuga says the files were dispatched to the CID headquarters to pave way for investigations.
Minister Kasolo's supporters at a rally he held at Kalisizo play ground last week.

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Grace Akullo, the Director of the Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) has taken over a case in which Haruna Kyeyune Kasolo, the Microfinance State Minister, is accused of flouting the Coronavirus Disease-COVID-19 preventive guidelines by holding mass rallies.

Muhammad Nsubuga, the Masaka Regional Police Spokesperson has confirmed the development. He says Kasolo, who also doubles as the incumbent Kyotera County Member of Parliament and his Democratic Party rival, John Paul Mpalanyi held campaign rallies and processions in different parts of the district without observing the Standard Operating Procedures-SOPs put in place by the Health Ministry to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

On Monday, Police Spokesperson, Fred Enanga told the Kasolo and Mpalanyi to record statements about the alleged violation of the SOPs and campaign-related violence. Nsubuga says the files were dispatched to the CID headquarters to pave way for investigations.

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Electoral Commission recommends 200 people at any organized venue with strict observance of the SOPs including wearing face masks, washing hands and keeping social distance which the ruling party and some opposition candidates have violated.

Mpalany says he recorded three statements at Kalisizo police station, two of which were related to holding massive campaign gatherings. He says the third one was about the incident, in which his supporter and prominent businessman, Richard Kayabula was killed by a stray bullet.  

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According to Josephine Nabakooza, an NRM mobiliser in Kasolo’s camp and close associate says the minister wasn’t given formal summons and doubts he recorded a statement.

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There have concerns about the selective application of the law by the police in Kyotera and the country at large especially when it complying with the SOPs.

Police are accused of turning a blind eye where ministers and NRM candidates flout SOPs while handling opposition candidates with an iron fist leading to skirmishes. 

Enoch Abaine, the Greater Masaka Region Police Commander (RPC), says they prohibited rallies and processions in the district, adding that they are to act tough on any candidate who violets the guidelines regardless of their political affiliations.