City Pharmacies Investigated for Sale of Expired Drugs

Ministry of Health is investigating some pharmacies involved in the sell of expired drugs to patients.

So far two pharmacies in Kampala have been identified by the ministry but withheld their identities for fear of jeopardizing investigations.

Primary Health Care State Minister, James Kakooza says the unscrupulous pharmacies re-label the drugs tins with extended expiry dates in order to confuse patients.

He says the labeling expired drugs for sale could pose a very big health risk to the country.

The pharmacies allegedly print labels from at Nasser Road giving their expired drug stock a new shelf life.

David Nahamya, the Senior Inspector in Charge of licensing and Enforcement at the National Drug Authority (NDA), however can not confirm whether the practice is rampant.

He says that the entire racket is so sophisticated because it is done under cover.

Nahamya says two people are being prosecuted in court over similar charges and that NDA is working with International Police to stem to surveillance

Two people died in August in Iganga district after they were suspected to have taken expired anti-malarial drugs.

Interpol Director, Fred Kiyaga says organized criminals syndicates are part of the gang counterfeiting human drugs.

He says Interpol recently conducted an operation code named Mamba Two in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania to crack down on illicit drugs crossing the three boarders.