City residents walk home as police blocks Protesters

Police has been blocking walk to work protests but ironically many city residents walked home today as the police went into running battles with protestors demonstrating against the brutal arrest of FDC leader Kiiza Besigye.
A blanket of protests covered Kampala Friday morning, as protesters  demonstrated against the brutal arrest of FDC leader, Kiiza Besigye.

Public transport to and from the city was for several hours paralysed.

People caught up in the  clashes ended up walking back home as many taxi owners decided to hide the vehicles. The few operating taxis  suddenly increased the price with some doubling the fares.

Travelers from Mukono and neighboring areas were the most affected. Taxi owners feared crossing to Bweyogere and Kireka where angry protestors were engaged in running battles with police.

The protestors set fires in the middle of the roads using  big logs of wood and occasionally pelted cars with stones as they engaged the police.  

Military police deployed around Kireaka and Bweyogere were forcing stranded pedestrians to remove ash from the middle of the road.

Walter Ochola, a carpenter found along Jinja road footing back home, was bitter at the manner in which  the security  handled the protests.

// Cue In “I’m not working today because….

Cue Out ….. beating people an how spoiling business”//

Wilson Watila, seen panting having walked all the way from Lubowa to Kampala city says  the current impasse between government and opposition must be adressed urgently.

// Cue In “My journey has been so hectic

Cue out … all the shops so things are not good”// 

Simon Mawa , a hawker in used shirts  he woke up well in the morning expecting a bright day but instead ended up dodging police batons and teargas in the city.

// Cue In “ Very early in the morning ….

Cue Out ….. the day has been very rough” //

Mawa says the promise by Inspector general of police that the police would use proportional force is so far a fallacy.

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