Close Schools for 4 Years to Defeat Museveni, FDC National Mobiliser Urges Northerners

According to Fungaroo, the problem facing the FDC is that the elite in Uganda thinks opposition politics is for the lowly and uneducated, which makes some areas fail to field candidates for election.
17 May 2022 12:10

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Kaps Hassan Fungaroo, the Opposition Forum for Democratic Change-FDC mobiliser has passionately appealed to the people in northern Uganda to tentatively abandon studies and close down their schools until 2026 to concentrate on the struggle to dislodge President Yoweri Museveni from power in the next general elections.

Neither President Museveni nor the NRM party has said that he will stand in 2026.


The FDC is on a countrywide mobilization program in a program dubbed the 2021 Post Elections Organization Audit and Performance Assessment. Besides assessing their performance in the last general election in East Acholi, FDC is making a health check on the party after the elections, to figure out how the party can move forward, with a special focus on the 2026 general elections. 


Fungaroo, who is also the MP for Obongi County in Moyo district, says the immediate  thing that the northerners should do is to leave studies their now and resume after they have overthrown the incumbent.In a bid to convince the Acholi young Acholis to abandon school and take up political activism, Fungaroo cited examples of great leaders like late Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi and Eritrea's Isiah Afeworki who abandoned their studies and took up the political struggle.   

According to Fungaroo, the problem facing the FDC is that the elite in Uganda thinks opposition politics is for the lowly and uneducated, which makes some areas fail to field candidates for election.

Fungaroo, cites that areas like Moyo with many professors always fail to field candidates for positions on the side of the opposition during times of election because of such perception.  

He further invokes the names of great leaders first left studies to remove dictatorial regimes, such as John Garang de Mabior, a Sudanese politician and revolutionary leader, who left studies to go fighting.

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Fungaroo is also rooting for military officers who support FDC to come out and openly start pursuing political ambitions. Alluding to the recent birthday party celebration of Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba, the commander of the Land Forces, Fungaroo reveals that the FDC will soon write a letter to the Chief of Defence Forces, Lt. Gen. Wilson Mbadi, to get permission for their serving army officers who subscribe to the FDC to also hold birthday parties, so as to canvass for votes. 


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He appealed to the leaders in charge of mobilization in the districts in northern Uganda, to always be informed of all events happening within their locality like funerals, weddings, or any gatherings of important people in society, for both party members and non-members, and take part in them.


Fungaroo argues that mobilization of the heart of a party is a determinant of the strength of a party. He says the mobilizers should therefore ensure that they actively take part in such functions by serving the mourners or revelers drinks, and food, fetching water, serving food, and taking condolence as a party, not as individuals.

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Denis Onekalit Amere, the MP for Kitgum municipality says the FDC members in Kitgum, Lamwo, Pader and Agago have for years struggled with poor coordination and communication with the headquarters, which he says affects some party activities.


Amere says if there was effective communication, there would be no need for the party president to go to the grassroots and ask the locals about challenges they are facing, but would rather get a comprehensive report.

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Patrick Oboi Amuriat, who led the team, condemned what he called violence by the NRM in the past election, and asked the members to start preparing for the next elections early for them to win.

Amuriat requested the members to start by filling up gaps of the district chairpersons, even though elections of the structures will be conducted next year.


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The team headed to Moyo district, where they will have a similar meeting today.