Conmen Fleecing Jobseekers over 200 Advertised Posts

His warning comes after several complaints by applicants who said they are being called by members of the district commission to send money on mobile.

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The Bududa district Service commission chairperson has warned job applicants against being coned by fraudsters.

John Wakinya's warning comes  after several complaints by applicants who say they are being called by members of the district commission to send money on mobile.

Bududa district service commission recently advertised close to 200 in the departments of Health, Administration, Production, and Education which attracted over 2000 applicants. 

According to Wakinya, he has already alerted his commission members about a common vice of extorting money from applicants which he condemns saying that will not add on their wealth and that they should not think that service commission is a ground of making wealth.

//Cue in: “Ari nge nywenywe…Cue out: …..get from Bududa”//He said they have also activated intelligence and whoever shall be involved in giving out bribes in return for a job shall not get it even if he/she passes the interview. 

//Cue in: “Atese me on……Cue out: …..get from Bududa”//

Milton Kamoti Wasunguyi the Bududa district local council five chairperson said he has also started hearing rumors that some officers are going ahead collecting money from applicants, something he will not entertain during his tenure as a district chairperson. 

According to Wasunguyi the students who just left school have no money to buy jobs but instead need them on merit so that they can diligently serve the people and the nation at large. 

Tappy Namulondo, the Bududa district chief administrative officer who is also the head of district service commission asked the members to stick to public service standing orders which do not provide for receiving money before giving jobs to applicants.

She said this affects their reputation and they may not be considered for anything else if their record is compromised.

Peter Wonekha one of the applicants said the warning has come at the right time and shall help to contain those who would wish to benefit from the sweat of others.

He gave a scenario of Namisindwa District where the District Service Commission officials were arrested after involving them selves in corruption scandal during recruitment in 2019.