Cooperatives Need More Sacrifice From Members – Karizo

Several coffee farmers across the country have on several occasions asked government to revive cooperative societies if they are to enhance agricultural production.
Ministers Beti Kamya, Matia Kasaija and Kyeyuna Kasolo launching a cooperative society in Kyotera District recently

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Farmers who want the revival of cooperatives in Uganda should sacrifice more resources and time, the Uganda cooperative Alliance has said. 

Charles Kaziro, an officer under the Uganda Cooperative Alliance speaking before coffee farmers in Sisa Sub County, Wakiso District on Friday said the farmers need to sacrifice more resources and time to boost a cooperative society than waiting for government to help them.

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Cue out: … cooperative yaffe ng'abakulembeze”//

Several coffee farmers across the country have occasionally asked the government to revive cooperative societies if they are to enhance agricultural production.  

Charles Mayanja, one of the coffee farmers in Kasuku Nakawuka, former member of the coffee cooperative in Masaka recently asked government to concentrate reviving the associations if government wants to improve agricultural production.

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Government, through the Ministry of Finance is working towards the reviving of Micro finance institution and cooperative societies as a way of boosting trader's abilities to produce and market their goods.

Karizo says people do not understand the difference between cooperative societies and saving and credit institutions. He indicated that for cooperatives to take off, members of the cooperative need to start up a savings and credit institution which would be a financial arm of the cooperative to help in borrowing and saving of money by cooperative members.

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Currently, Palm Oil growers in Kalangala district have started a cooperative society to help market and improve the quality of the palm oil fruits. Kalangala district chairperson, Willy Lugoolobi says, many cooperatives which were in the country fell out only because people never wanted to invest in them.

//Cue in: “Wawuliranga Masaka cooperative …

Cue out: … lwana otuuke w'oyagala”//

The Minister of state in charge of Microfinance and Cooperatives, Kyeyune Harona Kasolo couldn't tell the number of cooperative societies in the country.

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