Counterfeit Drugs Could Cause Malaria Health Disaster- Experts Warn

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The Ministry of Health warns of a public health disaster if counterfeit malaria drugs continue to stream into the Ugandan healthcare system.

According to Dr. Ambrose Talisuna, a researcher with the Ministry of Health, there has been an increasing influx of fake Artemisinin Combination based Therapies in Uganda. He says with the failure of many other malaria drugs, Artemisinin Combination based Therapies are the only drugs which are still effective against malaria.

Dr. Talisuna says the high cost of the Artemisinin Combination based Therapy drugs makes it an attractive option for drug counterfeiters. He says that a dose of Artemisinin Combination based Therapies costs about 20,000 shillings.

Dr. Talisuna says that it is difficult and expensive for government to properly screen all the malaria drugs.

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Many counterfeiters insert fake ingredients like chalk, or starch into pills, instead of the correct drug. Other counterfeit malaria drugs are made up of completely different drugs