Court Blocks Nomination Of Amolatar NRM Flag Bearers

Lira High Court ordered that the National Resistance Movement party should not forward Anthony Okello and Doreen Ruth Amule as flag bearers for nomination for Member of Parliament.
Amolatar NRM leaders receiving President Yoweri Museveni recently during his campaign rally
The High Court in Lira has issued a temporary injunction against the nomination of two National Resistance Movement party flag bearers in Amolatar district.

The Deputy Lira High Court Registrar, Cissy Mudhasi on Tuesday issued the injunction, blocking the NRM from presenting Anthony Okello and Doreen Ruth Amule to the Electoral Commission for nomination as flag bearers.

Okello is the current Kyoga County MP and was declared NRM flag bearer, while Akello won the party ticket to contest for Amolatar District Woman MP.

The injunction follows a petition to court by aspirants who lost in the party primaries, who say the election was rigged.

James Olobo is contesting the election of Okello while Jane Akello, Agnes Atim, Minister Caroline Okao and Judith Acana are contesting the election of Amule as flag bearer.

Olobo polled 15,967 votes against Okello\'s 19,215 votes during the 27th October, 2015 NRM primaries election.

Olobo however claims many of his votes mainly from Olelpek, Etam A, Kiryanga, Muchora B, Barobwol and Kwoyo villages were not included in the final tally.

The petitioners against Amule claim she won the primaries fraudulently and that she was directly backed by the civil servants.

The petitioners claim that their agents were harassed and expelled from polling stations by security operatives acting on behalf of the winner.

Henry Ojok, the Amolatar district NRM registrar who supervised the elections said he has not yet received the court order.

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