Court Consolidates Lusanja Land Suits

In the suit, Kiconco demanded that court should declare that the land in question belongs to him and the occupants are on the land illegally and should be evicted.
17 May 2019 16:15
City Lawyer Apollo Kazungu representing the three Admnistrators of Namasole Estate addressing journalists in Kampala

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The Civil Division of the High Court will concurrently hear the suits arising from the land dispute in Lusanja Wakiso District.

The land in contention is on plots 206 and 671 at Sekanyonyi in Mpererwe Kampala District. 

The first suit was filed by Medard Kiconco the Proprietor of Lex Man Industries Limited against the Attorney General seeking to be compensated since he claims ownership of the land in question.

Kiconco also filed another suit against Persis Namuganza the State Minister for Lands in her individual capacity, Kampala Capital City Authority and 19 other individuals who are currently occupying the said land.

In this suit, Kiconco demanded that court should declare that the land in question belongs to him and the occupants are on the land illegally and should be evicted.   

However, in the course of hearing this matter, 128 other occupants on the land were added onto this suit as defendants after they also claimed to be bonafide occupants.   

The third suit, however, was filed by three Administrators of the Estate of the late Manjeri Lunkuse Namasole against three others including Kiconco, Commissioner Land Registration and Paul Bitarabeho Katabazi who are said to have fraudulently sold the contentious land to Kiconco. 

The Administrators of Namasole’s land who include Gertrude Kaveebukasa, Ruth Magala Nanyunja and Stevenson Semwanga in their suit also say that the said occupants are on the land illegally on grounds that they obtained land titles fraudulently. 

These, however, need court to direct the occupants either to restore the land to the estate of late Namasole or refund shillings 2 billion for plots 206 and 671. 

All the parties through their lawyers appeared before High Court Civil Division Judge Tadeo Asiimwe and were advised to consolidate the suits since they all seem to have related facts.

Meanwhile, all the defendants, in this case, have decried before court issues of intimidation from Kiconco. They allege that he intimidates them with the help of security forces.

For stance, Lawyer Apollo Kazungu said that his clients had been intimidated and were told to withdraw their case.

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Cue out: …scuffle in court”.// Luganda //

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Cue out: …omusango gugende mumaso”.// 

However, Justice Asiimwe wondered why it was only three out of hundreds of people in the matter that were allegedly being intimidated.

 Asiimwe has now directed Kazungu to bring his clients before him next week so that they can clarify to him what the issue is. 

Also, Lawyers Lukwago, Luyimbazi and Kiwanuka who represent 128 people of Lusanja have put up a spirited fight before court stating that some of their clients have been intimidated by Kiconco who reportedly forces them to sign some documents. 

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