Court Bailiffs in Gulu Under Investigation for Alleged Theft of Cattle

Court Bailiffs from JED Courts Bailiffs and Auctioneers Associates reportedly went to Ogura village early in September to auction 30 acres of land to recover 11.1 Million Shillings following a ruling of the court of appeal.

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The Gulu District Resident Commissioner has launched investigations into the alleged theft of fifteen herds of cattle in Awach Sub County.

Court Bailiffs from JED Courts Bailiffs and Auctioneers Associates are accused of auctioning 30 acres of land to recover 11.1 Million Shillings following a ruling by the High Court.


Laboth Ocamgiu and five other people jointly sued the families of Sabino Oluba and Benson Kilama in 2009 for encroaching on their 60 acres piece of land. 

The case was settled in May 30th 2019 in the High Court in Gulu before the High Court Resident Judge Justice Stephen Mubiru.  

The plaintiffs, however, lost the case and the court ordered them to compensate the respondents with 11 Million Shillings for the cost incurred in the suit.

 The ruling also ordered for the auctioning of 30 acres of land in case the plaintiffs fail to meet the cost of compensation.  

However courts bailiffs consequently stormed the area and took fifteen herds of cattle and also auctioned the land.

Tom Oree, the Deputy Resident District Commissioner has accused the bailiffs of robbery and called for investigations.  

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However, Jennet Aciro, the Executive Director JED Court Bailiffs says the 11.1 million was inadequate to cover the different rulings over the same matter.

“I have indeed received a letter of summoning from the Office of the Resident District Commissioner but we are acting within the legal framework” Aciro added. 

She accused security personnel of interfering with the legal process.