COVID - 19: Health Ministry Increases Call Center Staff to Deal with Emergencies

Three numbers and 100 people are going to be available for all people who need assistance and information regarding COVID 19 starting today evening
Dr. Henry Mwebesa, Director General Health Services Ministry of Health

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The ministry of Health has announced that it will increase capacity in the call center to handle more COVID-19 related calls.

This comes following a partnership made with MTN Uganda, Airtel Uganda, National Information Technology Authority Uganda, Marie Stopes Uganda and Communication for Development. These partners according to the health ministry will provide human resource who will work in the call centers.

Previously, the health ministry had a team of less than 20 people handling enquiries regarding COVID -19 at the call center. However, due to the increase in the number of  calls received, the lines have been continuously busy with some people resorting to calling police to get assistance.

Dr Henry Mwebesa, the director general of the ministry of health says that they have partnered with the telecom companies to increase the capacity of the call centers.

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According to the health ministry, under the new partnership, the new call center will have a staff of 100 people who will be available 24 hours. They will be working in two shifts.

The partnership will also see an increase in the numbers available at call center. Previously, only two numbers have been available which the ministry says have been clogged with calls.

The numbers to call to get assistance are: 0800 100066, 0800 203 033  and 0800 303 033.

Uganda has now confirmed 14 cases of COVID -19. According to the health ministry, more than 1000 people are being followed up under quarantine to see whether they develop signs of the virus.

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