COVID-19: Rubanda District Local government Ask Several Staff to Stay Home

Rubanda district local government reduces on the district headquarter's staff following the outbreak of Covid-19 at Rubanda district government prison.
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Rubanda district local government has asked majority of the staff working at the headquarters to stay home following the outbreak of COVID-19 at Rubanda district government prison.

The district COVID-19 taskforce confirmed the first inmate with COVID-19 positive case in Rubanda district government prisons on on September 30th, 2020, before it confirmed other six inmates were positive with the virus on October 7th.

Rubanda district local government has 80 civil servants who sit at the district head quarters.

Joanita Kobugabe, the Rubanda district communications officer said today that the district has only maintained 13 district heads of departments until further notice when all workers will be tested and proven if they are COVID-19 free.

Kobugabe said that the decision to reduce on the number of staff intends to reduce on the risk of contracting and spreading COVID-19 since the Rubanda district government prisons where some inmates have tested positive is near the district headquarters.

She added that the decision was also based on the fact that the district staff need to observe the standard operating procedures like social distancing.

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Dr. Abdon Birungi, the Rubanda district Health officer says that the district health department in conjunction with the COVID-19 taskforce has already drawn samples from all district staff in order to determine if there is anyone who could have contracted COVID-19.

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