COVID -19: Schools Considering to Keep Learners During Holidays

Mike Sekago, says they are considering retaining the learners because they are not of their safety when they return home because of the rampant COVID-19 infections.
17 Nov 2020 22:14

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Some boarding schools are considering retaining learners during holidays citing the increasing cases of COVID-19 in communities.

The learners who resumed classes on October 15th, 2020 following the nationwide lockdown because of the COVID-19 pandemic, are expected to break off for holidays on December 18th, 2020.  

However, some schools have expressed concern about the safety of the learners when they return home for holidays.

Mike Sekago, says they are considering retaining the learners because they are not of their safety when they return home because of the rampant COVID-19 infections.

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He, however, says they will levy an extra charge on the learners for the festive season and asks parents to think more about the safety of their children.    

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Lawrence Kalyango, the Director of Studies City Secondary in Wakiso, says they want the Education and Sports Ministry to allow them to retain the candidates during the holidays.

He says they have already engaged parents on the matter and their response is positive provided they are cleared by the government.

He notes that while reopening schools, the government directed them not to send learners back home for fees for fear of spreading COVID-19 and they have stayed safe, adding that the same should be done during the holidays.  

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Wilson Nsubuga of Luwero secondary says it would have been a better idea to keep the learners at school during the holiday break for their own safety.

He, however, says stopping them from returning home for the break may affect their concentration.

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The Education Ministry says they have noted the suggestion by the schools, but says this can’t make them adjust their calendar.

The Director Basic and Secondary Education, Ismail Mulindwa, says they can only consider the proposal on guidance from the Health Ministry.

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He also says such a proposal should come from parents and not schools that have selfish interests.

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The proposal has generated mixed reactions from parents. Twaha Mukiibi, a father to two candidates says he has no objection to the proposal for the learners to stay at school as long as they don’t charge extra fees.

According to Mukiibi, as a parent, he has paid a lot of money in fees yet the term is short and need time to concentrate on studies.

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Paul Matovu, a parent to a primary seven-candidate, says he can only support the idea if schools don’t add a financial burden on parents.  

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Halima Shaban, a parent to a primary seven pupil, says she wants her daughter home during the holiday period.

She notes that the only solution is to implement the Standard Operating Procedures because no one knows when COVID-19 will end.

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