Defiled 13-Year-Old Girl Runs to Police

The victim was allegedly defiled by Mutebi Serugo Geofrey, aged 26, from Buyindi Village in Mugoye Sub County of Kalangala District on Monday this week. She ran to Bumangi Police post to report Serugo over defilement.

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A 13-year-old girl whose life has been characterized by misfortunes this week suffered the ultimate trauma when a 26-year-old man raped her at knife-point.

The rape victim whose father was killed by a crocodile earlier in her young life suffered another her upset when her mother disappeared soon after, leaving her under the cruel care of her co-wife, the victim's stepmother.

Working hard under her stepmother to make palm brooms, the victim managed to save 10,000 Shillings which she was excitedly hoping to use to buy a pair of plastic shoes. But this was not be as the stepmother reportedly snatched the money from her.

It was this moment of desperation that the alleged defiler took advantage of.

It has been reported that Mutebi Serugo Geofrey, 26, told the sobbing victim not to worry but to accompany him to her his house so that he gives her another 10,000 shillings to buy the shoes. 

Innocently, the victim followed Serugo but on entering the house, he pulled out a knife and told her to surrender herself to him. According to Katende Vicent who interacted with the little girl, she said that when Serugo finished raping her, he threatened her with death using the knife if she reported the crime to anybody.

However when he released her, the the brave little girl ran to Bumangi Police post and report Serugo for defiling her.

Police immediately embarked on a hunt for Serugo who was found hiding in his single rental room in Buyindi Village on Tuesday afternoon and Police arrested him.

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The victim's step mother known by Nakangu has denied URN a comment on allegations of grabbing her daughters money which made her so desperate the extent of becoming a defilement victim.

Tulyomunsi Richard, the acting OC Station at Kalangala Central Police Station says Serugo's case file has been recorded as CRB/191/2021 awaiting to be forwarded for Court.

Serugo will be transferred to remand in Masaka Prison over aggravated defilement.