Disagreements Usher in NRM Party Registeration in Ankole

Biraaro accused the new entrants of slowing down the progress of the party saying some of them cross with intentions of weakening NRM internally.
Disagreements have marred the ongoing registration of NRM party members in Bushenyi and Isingiro districts. In Bushenyi District delegates are split on the registration of new party members and defectors from other political parties.

On Monday, Bushenyi District NRM delegates convened at Bushenyi Multipurpose Hall under the leadership of Captain Francis Babu, the Kampala Special Region NRM chairperson. In his opening remarks, Babu praised the delegates for supporting the party whole heartedly and called for unity and equality ahead of the forthcoming elections.  

He asked them to welcome and register new entrants to the NRM party especially those from the opposition. This didn\'t go down well with several members led by Ephraim Biraaro, the Buhweju county Member of Parliament. Biraaro accused the new entrants of slowing down the progress of the party saying some of them cross with intentions of weakening NRM internally.

He was backed by Eldard Karukiiko, the Kyeizooba Sub County LC 3 chairperson. Karukiiko argued that some of those who defect to the ruling party are politically weak and can easily be defeated by opposition candidates adding that they shouldn\'t be allowed to contest on the party ticket.

Rosemary Nyakikongoro, the Sheema district woman MP would not have any of this. Nyakikongoro contested in the previous NRM primary elections and lost. She won the sit as an independent. She warned the delegates against sidelining independents saying the party leadership is well aware how they came about. 

Nyakikongoro warned that unless the problems that marred the previous primary elections are addressed, the party should be prepared to get more independents this time around. According to Nyakikongoro, they will not allow those who claim to be big shots in the party to disorganise them. Professor Ephraim Kamuntu, the Water and Environment Minister chipped in saying the confusion starts right from the party secretariat, which deviates from the agreed road map. 

Despite the strong opposition to the registration of new party entrants, Lawrence Mayambala, an official from the NRM Electoral Commission insisted that they should be admitted into the party as stipulated in the guidelines issued by the secretary general. He explained that all what is required is for the defectors to publically denounce membership to the opposition parties and be ushered into NRM.  

At Mbarara Catholic social center, Justine Kasule Lumumba, the NRM party secretary general was forced to eject all Isingiro District NRM delegates following a disagreement over the appointment of Emmanuel Byaruhanga party registrar.

The delegates rejected Byaruhanga who has been serving as Chairman Isingiro District Service Commission on grounds that he has been associating with rebel NRM members. After several hours of disagreements the delegates who includeed Animal Husbandry Minister Bright Rwamirama proposed the names of Grace Kakwenza and Ben Taremwa. 

The delegates overwhelmingly voted for Taremwa. After the elections Lumumba warned all aspirants to iron out their political differences with their political rivals to avoid creating confusion in the party.