DRC Militiamen Abduct Four Ugandan Fishermen

The abducted Fishermen have only been identified as Okello,Jawia,Onen and Osaga all fishermen attached to Kijangi landng site Buseruka Sub county Hoima district.
Fishermen with their fishing gear at Kaiso Landing site in Hoima. Most of the fishermen have been killed, abducted while others lost fishing gear in the hands of the ruthless Congolese.

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Four Ugandan fishermen have been abducted on Lake Albert in Hoima District by militiamen reportedly from the Democratic Republic of Congo - DRC.

The abducted fishermen have only been identified as: Okello, Jawia, Onen and Osaga all attached to Kijangi landing site in Buseruka Sub county Hoima district.

The fishermen went out fishing on the Lake Albert on Thursday when they were attacked by the suspected militiamen who are alleged to have put them at gun point before crossing with them to the DR Congo together with their fishing gear including a boat, engine and 16 sets of fishing nets.

The suspected militiamen are now demanding for a ransom to have the abducted fishermen freed.  

Samuel Kisembo, the Hoima Resident District Commissioner says they are working on modalities of handling the issue and also restoring peace between the two countries with an aim of ensuring that fishermen from both sides respect the boundaries.

He however condemned the persistent attacks, abductions and killings of Ugandan fishermen by the suspected militiamen who he says want to take control of the entire lake saying this is uncalled for.

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Attacks on Ugandan fishermen by suspected armed Congolese have been common since last year. There have been abductions, killings and confiscation of fishing gear.

Authorities in Kampala and their Kinshasa counterparts have in the past agreed to conduct joint operations by fisheries and security officials to prevent clashes and disagreements over fishing in the disputed area, which both countries claim ownership but the Congolese continued to terrorize Ugandans on the lake.

On Friday night last week, armed Congolese Militiamen gunned down three Ugandan fishermen near Kaiso landing site in Kabale parish Hoima district. In March this year  suspected armed Congolese Militia staged three different attacks on the Lake Albert waters in Buliisa district, robbing 30 boat engines from fishermen.