Drivers Anticipate Better Results in Eastern Motor Club Rally

Abdul Ssempebwa, a driver from Lugazi municipality says that the rally event will boost eastern-based drivers.
Some of the vehicles being parked at Shell petrol station in Jinja town.

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Drivers are optimistic about the 2020 Eastern Motor Club-EMC rally championship in Jinja district.

After finalizing the scrutinizing exercise at the Shell petrol station in Jinja town on Friday, drivers say that the event will help them attract more fans for the sport in the eastern part of the country. 

Abdul Ssempebwa, a driver from Lugazi municipality says that the rally will boost eastern-based drivers.

 “I am compelled that, this rally will re-energize our colleagues from the eastern part of the country to invest more in motorsport development,” he says. 

Samuel Watendwa, a driver says that EMC hasn’t organized rallies for the past two years which has demoralized their fans away from the sport. 

Watendwa has further promised to give his fans the professional motorsport experience as they cheer him during the rally track. 

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Nasser Ratib, another driver from Jinja town, cautions spectators to ensure safety by keeping off the racing tracks during the rally. 

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EMC rally spokesperson, Nicholas Isabirye says that safety mansions alongside racing track hosting communities on Friday afternoon demarcated the spectators' cheering areas. 

Isabirye adds that warning vehicles have been instituted to alert spectators on any possible racing car which he says will help fans to keep off the tracks at all times. 

This year’s EMC rally has attracted 48 drivers who will be flagged off by the Busoga king, HRH William Gabula on Saturday.                

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