Dry Spell Sparks Hunger Concerns among Otuke Farmers

Bonny Ocen, the District Agricultural Officer advised the farmers to think of planting fast maturing crops especially the improved variety in order to avert the looming famine.
Sorghum withering up in the garden

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Farmers in Otuke District have expressed worry over a current prolonged dry spell that has hit most parts, raising fears the district may experience reduced crop production this year. The area has experienced a dry spell since May.

Like in other parts of Northern Uganda, farmers in Otuke had planted a variety of crops including beans, maize, millet and groundnuts in the first planting season.  

However, most of the crops which had started blooming and flowering are now withering and drying up due to the prolonged dry spell, leaving several farmers in panic.

Bosco Eyen, a resident of Ating parish in Orum Sub County says that he lost 2 acres of simsim that he planted in the first season. He is worried that his family will suffer from famine since all crops planted in the first season have dried up.

According to Eyen, the rest of the community members should plant fast-growing crops to survive.

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Grace Elong, a resident of Ogwete Sub County in Otuke district is worried that her four children could die of hunger especially now that they are not allowed to move around looking for casual work.  She is worried that the second season might be the same.

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Anna Obua, another resident says that the government should come to their rescue since all their crops have been destroyed by the prolonged dry spell.

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Cue out: … are now stranded.”//

However, there is hope that there could be rain possibly in mid-July through August to September.

Bonny Ocen, the District Agricultural Officer advised the farmers to think of planting fast-maturing crops especially the improved variety to avert famine.

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The most affected areas are the sub counties of Orum, Olilim and Ogwete which borders Abim District.

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