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Education Minister Warns Institutions Against Chasing Away Unvaccinated Students :: Uganda Radionetwork

Education Minister Warns Institutions Against Chasing Away Unvaccinated Students

Minister Muyingo says Institutions should collaborate with Ministry of Health to set up vaccination centers at the entry to allow students be vaccinated rather than sending them away.
State Minister For EducationJohn Chrysestom Muyingo on a tour at MUST Mbarara

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The State Minister for Higher Education Dr John Chrysostom Muyingo has warned Universities and other tertiary institutions against chasing away unvaccinated students. 

Minister Muyigo rather wants Institutions to open up vaccination centers at the entrance to allow students get vaccinated before entry.

Muyingo who was touring Mbarara University of Science and Technology to assess the implementation of Standard Operating Procedures on Covid-19 says much as the government agreed to the reopening of higher Institutions they should follow guidelines or risk being closed.

Muyingo says the Ministry of Education has set out to assess how compliant institutions are to the guidelines and how they are encouraging the students, staff and management on getting vaccinated even if it needs to open up vaccination centers at the entrance.

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//Cue in: “amatendekero gaffa temugoba… 

Cue out: …bagende bagemebwe mangu.”//

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//Cu in: “is to assess… 

Cue out: …setup vaccination centers,”//

Muyingo also asked universities to take up community service especially the sensitization of masses on wearing masks and persuading them to go for vaccination.

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//Cue in: “but just outside…// 

Cue out: …to the community.”//

Prof Mary Okwakol, the Executive Director Nation council for higher education says they are aware that some people have developed negative attitudes towards vaccination but institutions should encourage those dodging vaccination to be vaccinated even if it means persuading them.

//Cue in: “to encourage those…//

Cue out: … where they study.”//

Prof. Celestino Obua the Vice Chancellor of Mbarara University of Science and Technology says they still have a bit of hesitance among our staff there are those who are not willing for one reason or another.

He blames this low uptake on a lot of anti-vaccine campaign.

//Cue in: “we still have… 

Cue out: …prepared we are.”//

He says they as the university started gathering information on who has vaccinated or have not vaccinated. 

Bonaventure Ahaisibwe, Country Director Seed Global Health who advises institutions on implementing SOPs, wants the ministry of Health to commit to putting up camps where vaccination will be done noting that it will efficiently and increase the uptake of the vaccine.

//Cue in: “that ministry of… 

Cue out: …students are reporting.”//

Ministry of health say that currently a total of 3.5m Ugandans have been vaccinated, However, Muyingo says this is not enough to guarantee a full opening of schools. 



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