Eight Environmental Police Officers Arrested for Escorting Illegal Charcoal

According to Geoffrey Oceng Osborn, the Amuru Deputy Resident District Commissioner, the district will decide whether to burn or auction the impounded charcoal, which preliminary findings indicate that corrupt police officers escort from Amuru to Karuma at a "fee" of 2 million shillings.
The impounded trucks at Olwal trading center.

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Environmental police are on the spot after 8 of their officers were arrested for escorting trucks transporting illegal charcoal from Amuru district en-route to Kampala. 

The officers were arrested at Olwal trading centre, Lamogi sub-county Amuru district escorting three trucks registration numbers UBD 366G, UAZ 895 F and UAY 191 G carrying charcoal headed for Kampala at around 2 a.m. on Saturday morning. 

Geoffrey Oceng Osborn, the Deputy Resident District Commissioner Amuru district says he was informed by a resident of Oberabic village in Amuru Sub County after the environmental police officers became arrogant and violent after being stopped by the locals.

At the onset of COVID-19 Pandemic, Amuru district task force banned the movement of trucks carrying charcoal at night in a bid to ease tracing of contacts.

Oceng says that the officers whose names he declined to mention for fear of jeopardizing investigations have been released to report to their duty stations for further queries. According to Oceng, their preliminary findings indicate that the police officers escort the forest products from Amuru district to Karuma at a "fee" of 2 million Shillings. 

He adds that the district is yet to decide whether to burn or auction the several bags of the impounded charcoal. 

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When contacted, Jimmy Patrick Okema, Aswa Region Police Spokesperson says, he is yet to get any information about the particulars of said police officers.

But Michael Lakony, Amuru district LCV chairperson says the trucks could belong to powerful corrupt people in the government who tend to use the police to secure safe passage of illegal forest products. Lakony wants the officers investigated and their bosses exposed so that the environment is saved and protected.