Electoral Commission Discards Old Voter\'s Card

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The Electoral Commission says the old voters card will not be used for voting purposes in the 2016 elections. It will only consider the national identity card and new voters cards.
Badru Kiggundu the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission

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The Electoral Commission has reiterated that it will not recognise the old voter card for activities leading to the nomination and election in 2016.

This follows numerous complaints from presidential aspirants who have experienced several irregularities with identification documents in their consultative meetings.

During a recent meeting of the presidential aspirants and the Electoral Commission officials in Kampala, the aspirants complained of lack of information from the commission to the public on the voter identification documents.

They complained of ignorance among the public on the identification number to write on the nomination forms which they say has cost them a lot of time and money.

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Badru Kiggundu the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission has stressed that people who did not register for the national identity card will not vote during the elections, because the commission will only consider the national identity card and new voters\' cards.

He says that the voter database will only recognize new voters cards and the national ID.

He says that those who have not yet received their national identity cards or whose identity cards are faulty, are allowed to use registration numbers that were issued to them during the registration.

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The Electoral Commission also declined to revise the nomination forms saying that it was too late to be implemented and could be challenged in courts of law.

The presidential aspirants had asked the Electoral Commission to revise the nomination forms to allow for more space for writing the registration numbers which he said is impossible.

He cautions against the use of initials as identification numbers saying it is difficult to monitor and verify.