Elegu Town Flooded; People Flee to High Grounds; All Business Stops

Michael Lakony, the Amuru District Chairperson says that the district is incapacitated to respond to the crisis.
Flooded Elegu parking yard
Businesses have been crippled after floods submerged Elegu Town Council at the Uganda-South Sudan border in Amuru district.

The floods occurred after River Unyama, a tributary of the Nile River burst its banks on Saturday night. This is the fourth time the area is flooding this year.  

Business and transport have come to a standstill with more than 4,000 people taking refuge on higher lands along the Gulu-Nimule Highway as well as storied buildings. 


Richard Omony, a businessman in the area says hundreds of shops and business premises and merchandise have been submerged in water while others collapsed to the ground.

The most affected areas include Elegu border market, the parking yard, Elegu Police Station and the immigration offices.  

Omony says that by Sunday morning no business could start due to the fast flowing water that  swept the area and its volume was still increasing by press time.  

Charles Tabu, another businessman, told URN on Sunday morning that traders and residents in the area are stranded adding that some people have taken refuge on top of their houses. 


Patrick Louis Lamot, a health worker at the border post says that Elegu flooding has greatly affected health services.

According to reports from Amuru district, at least eight people have so far been reported dead in the Uganda South Sudan Border Town Council Flooding since River Unyama burst its banks and floods started covering the area since August this year. 


Michael Lakony, the Amuru District Chairperson says that the district is incapacitated to respond to the crisis.

Lucy Akello, the Amuru District Woman Member of Parliament says the district is still waiting for the Ministry of Water to create a diversion of water coming from Unyama Stream into River Nile. 

In 2019, Amuru District signed a deal of 1.9 billion shillings with Trade Mark East Africa and Ministry of Industry and Cooperative to widen the banks of River Unyama to avert its bursting.    

Geoffrey Osborn Oceng, the Amuru Resident District Commissioner told URN that they are yet to follow up progress of the agreement.

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