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Embassies, Human Rights Organisations exposed for funding homosexuals :: Uganda Radionetwork

Embassies, Human Rights Organisations exposed for funding homosexuals

Inter-religious Taskforce aganist homosexuality exposes 19 organisations funding homosexulaity in uganda. The taskforce aslo petioned parliament with 2 million signatures advocating fot the enactment of Anti-homosexuality bill.

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The Inter-Religious task force against homosexuality has today blacklisted 19 organizations that are allegedly funding gay activities in Uganda.



The organizations include amongst others Integrity, Icebreakers, Spectrum, Amnesty International, Ford Foundation and Eastern Horn.

Integrity, is believed to receive support from Ugandan UK based Bishop Christopher Senyonjo.




The revelation comes a day after Makerere University Students complained of massive recruitment of students into homosexuality at the university. Each student recruited is reportedly paid 800,000 shillings per month to stay in the practice.

But Amnesty International resaercher Dr. Godfrey Odongo, has described the allagations against his organisation as ill-intentioned misinformation.

He says Amnesty International focusses on  defending human rights of all individulas depite thier sexual orientation. The Uganda Constituion and other International laws do not allow discrimination just because of someone's gender orientation.  Dr. Odongo notes Amnesty International has been documenting violation of human rights.


The Norwegian Embassy, has also been exposed for funding activities for homosexuality. The Inter-religious task force cliams that the embassy funded  a media event dubbed “behind the Mask” in 2007.


According to Paul Kagaba, an ex-gay, the media event that lasted for 45 minutes was paid for by the Norwegian Embassy, Hivos and East Horn of Africa organizations. Each person who attended was paid Ushs.20, 000 for lunch and a drink.

It is against this background that the Norwegian government had threatened to cut funding to Uganda if the bill is passed.

But the Embassy was unavailable for comment.

Kagaba also exposed Youth Incentives, whose headquarters are in the Netherlands. The group is believed to organize youth conferences where students are recruited into lesbianism and homosexuality.


 It distributes electronics like laptops, I-pods and digital cameras to unsuspecting schools.

At 17 years, Paul Kagaba was paid 130 US dollars to join the an in 1997. After several years Kagaba left the practice through family intervention. He is now involved in ex-gay Uganda, an organization persuading the gays to leave the practice.


Pastor Martin Ssempa, chairperson inter-religious taskforce against homosexuality, urged parliament not to be swayed by the western nations to suffocate the Anti-homosexuality bill. In what he termed as “homocracy” to mean the undemocratic threats by western nations, Ssempa advocated for the passing of the bill before the end of the 8th parliament.


He asked parliament to hand over the debate to another committee that will expeditiously dispose off the bill.


//Cue in: for us we are….

Cue out:….into sodomy.//

Bishop Julius Oyet, another member of the taskforce presented parliament with over 2 million signatures by Uganda citizens, all advocating for the enactment of Anti-homosexuality bill. Bishop Oyet traversed the country collecting signatures against the practice.


//Cue in: In solidarity we raise our voices….

Cue out: …hate or fear issue.//



The controversial Anti-homosexuality bill was first tabled as a private members bill by Ndorwa West Mp, David Bahati. In a recent NRM caucus meeting government agreed to slow down on the bill due to international pressure.


The circumstances surrounding the bill have put Uganda on the International spotlight. The bill stipulates a death penalty for any gay people in Uganda.

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