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Environmentalists Seek Local Climate Actions to Boost Food Security :: Uganda Radionetwork

Environmentalists Seek Local Climate Actions to Boost Food Security

Proscovia Vickan, the board chairperson of Climate Action Network Uganda, underlined the need to sensitize people on protecting the environment for ensuring food security.
02 Oct 2023 16:17

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Environmentalists are advocating for locally led actions to manage climate change which frustrates food security in the country.

Proscovia Vickan the board chairperson of Climate Action Network Uganda (CAN-U) while speaking to journalists in Kampala highlighted the need for stakeholders to sensitize the masses on the value of protecting the environment so as to address the  food security challenge in the country.


  She also said there is a need to address the rising prices of alternative energy after the ban on cutting trees for charcoal by President Museveni.

  Vikma urged all the climate advocates to provide an immediate cost-effective alternative to the masses that can be adopted in a bid to save the environment.

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Tom Okurut the Executive Director of Climate Change Action East Africa said millions of Ugandans mostly smallholder farmers are faced with the impact of climate change which threatens agricultural productivity and food availability in the country.

He also noted that the erratic weather conditions in the country continue to make it challenging for the farmers to predict planting and harvesting times hence the low yields leading to food insecurity.

Okurut rooted for the the 1-acre livestock-agroforestry model which is a low-cost and high-yield investment.

Teddy Nabakoza Galiwango who represented the Minister of Environment Mariam Nkalubo Mayanja from Buganda Kingdom noted that food security in Uganda is dependent on everyone’s efforts to address climate change.

The second food security symposium and expo will be held this month under the theme “Responding to climate change impacts to food security within the East African region”.

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