Expired Homapak Malaria Kits in Kumi Hospitals

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Dozens of Homapak Malaria treatment kits have expired in Kumi Hospitals, according to the Kumi woman MP, Agnes Egunyu.
Homapack is a drug combination used under the Home Management of Malaria scheme. The scheme was initiated by the health Ministry in 2002.
Speaking to journalists in Kampala, Egunyu said that the Homapak Kits which expired in March this year are still being distributed to the patients.
Egunyu says that during a recent tour of the district, the expired Homapak kits were found in Atutur, Ongino and in more than 10 other health centers.
She however wonders why the health Ministry has not taken any action, despite the fact that the matter was brought to their attention.
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The drugs are manufactured by the Kampala Pharmaceutical Manufacturer's Association and usually distributed to hospitals and health centers free of charge, by the Ministry of Health.
In a related develoment, the Social Services Committee oif parliament has today put to task the health ministrty officials to explain why they are complaining about a budget deficit for drugs worth 165.7 billion shillings, yet drugs are left to expire in stores.
While on a fact finding tour of the National Medical Stores in Entebbe recently, the social services committee members, led by James Kubeketerya (Bunya East) were shocked to find eight containers full of expired drugs.
The MPs want government to consider importing longer life shelf drugs.