Faction Blames Mbale RCC for Blocking the Coronation of Throne Claimant

25 Nov 2021 14:41

The prime minister of one of the factions claiming the Masaba cultural institution throne Geffrey Wepondi has accused Mbale Resident city commissioner Ahamed Washakie for trying to block their coronation exercise of III Umukuka intended for Saturday. 

Wepondi says that according to arrangements as Masaba cultural institution, they are going to crown John Amuram Wagabyalile as III Umukuka on Saturday this week at Mutoto cultural site. 

He adds that they have tried several times reaching to Washakie using all possible means to seek for security during the function but all in vain. However, he says that since they suspect Washakie of being the ally of Mudoma their competitor, he might deliberately want to block the coronation excise. 

On being contacted, Ahamade Washakie - the Mbale resident city commissioner refuted the claims saying that he is following guidelines from government which stated that Masaba cultural institution has no official cultural leader currently until the two reviles John Amuram Wagabyalile and Mike Mudoma sit down and agree on one person.