Family Demands Compensation from Police for Two Relatives Shot Dead

The persons killed are Rwothupe, 40, and a 2-year-old infant only identified as Aron, both residents of Nzorobi village in Nzorobi parish Kabale sub county.
Anti-Riot police. Family Members in Hoima are demanding compensation from police for allegedly shooting and killing two of their relatives during land conflict.

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Family members whose two relatives were gunned down by police during an intense land conflict in Nzorobi village, Kabaale parish, Kabaale sub county in Hoima district are demanding for compensation from police.


The persons killed are Rwothupe, 40,  and a 2-year-old infant only identified as Aron, both residents of Nzorobi village in Nzorobi parish Kabale sub county. 

Rwothupe was shot in the thigh while Aron was shot in the chest. They both died on the spot.

They were shot to death on February11,2022 as police rushed to quell a violent land conflict between members of the same family.


On the fateful day, Rwothupe who was also gunned, was feuding with his mother identified as Tereza over a piece of land measuring an acre situated in the same area.   Rwothupe accused his mother of attempting to sell part of their family land.  

This compelled the mother to seek the intervention of police since her son had threatened to kill her over the piece of land.  

Police rushed to the village to help settle the matter but Rwothupe resisted and attacked them using pangas and a hand hoe. 


He equally accused the police for conniving with his mother to try to sell part of the family land.  

When the situation became more tense, police were forced to fire live bullets in the air and in the process the two were hit by bullets that killed them instantly.  

Patrick Ongeyowun, a brother to the killed persons told Uganda Radio Network in an interview that even during the burial of the duo, no help was accorded to them by police adding that they catered for the burial expenses unaided.  


Emmanuel Jabila also a family member wonders why their relatives could be killed recklessly and no compensation is made to them.  He does not repeat the widely reported claim that Rwothupe was shot while charging at the police officers with a panga and a hoe with apparent intention to hack them.  


He wants the police officers who participated in the shooting and killing of their relatives arrested and charged so that justice can prevail. 

Joseph Olama, the area LC1 Chairperson says it is unfortunate that the family members of the killed persons have not received any help from the police.  


Nathan Ahebwa, the Nzorobi parish Councilor says even during the burial arrangements police did to accord any help to the bereaved family.  

He wants all the officers who participated in the shooting of the deceased persons investigated.

Joseph Okello, a neighbor says they feel traumatized when they still see the officers who fully participated in the killings of their fellow residents are left free and moving freely in the community.   


Julius Hakiza, the Albertine region police spokesperson says they are yet to conclude investigations into the killing of the two people adding that once investigations are done, police will come up with a comprehensive report on the matter.

He however advises the relatives of the deceased persons to seek services of the attorney general or go to court if they think they are not being helped by the police.

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