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FDC 'Rescue Team' Asks Members to shun Party Elections :: Uganda Radionetwork

FDC 'Rescue Team' Asks Members to shun Party Elections

The FDC members branding themselves as the Rescue Mission say that elections are intended to maintain the leadership under Patrick Amuriat Oboi as President and Nathan Nandala Mafabi as Secretary General.
04 Aug 2023 08:03

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The fights in the opposition Forum for Democratic Change-FDC party are deepening with several top party members announcing that they shall not take part in the internal elections. They have also asked other party members to follow suit.

The FDC members branding themselves as the Rescue Mission say that elections are intended to maintain the leadership under Patrick Amuriat Oboi as President and Nathan Nandala Mafabi as Secretary General.

FDC Party spokesperson Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda told journalists at Fairway Hotel in Kampala on Thursday that the elections being pushed by Nandala and Amuriat are merely a selection where their sympathizers are picked to take up positions. 

Ssemujju says Nandala supplied party cards selectively and stopped after his supporters secured membership in the party. He added that there is no clear register that the said elections are following.

 //Cue in; “We the undersigned…   

Cue out…party are resolved.”//

Ssemujju says that Nandala is pulling the strings in the party Electoral Commission so much that the commission Chairperson Boniface Toterebuka Bamwenda has lost impartiality and is now flanked by two known supporters of Nandala and Amuriat. The two said supporters are former MP Robert Centenary and former KCCA Councilor Moses Okwera.

The rescue team presented several demands including that the current party Electoral Commission is disbanded and a new one installed. They are also demanding a new budget and a new roadmap for the entire process. 

Ssemujju says that those superintending over the ongoing electoral process were picked by a few district chairpersons while others were handpicked by Nandala, which is characteristic of a fraudulent and sham election.   

//Cue in; “The partisan Toterebuka…   

Cue out…next delegates conference.”//  

At the presser, Ssemujju was flanked by FDC Deputy President in charge of Eastern Uganda Proscovia Salaam Musumba, the Deputy President in charge of Buganda Erias Lukwago, Deputy President in charge of Northern Uganda Phillip Polly Ojara Okin, the FDC Deputy treasurer Francis Mwijukye and the Kampala Deputy Lord Mayor Doreen Nyanjura, among others.

Salaamu Musumba, one of the oldest members of the FDC says that FDC has fought for credible elections, for the years it has existed as a political party and, to be seen to conduct a sham election would give credence to skewed national elections.

//Cue in; “In the nineteen…   

Cue out…have agreed on”//

Erias Lukwago, the party Deputy President in charge of Buganda says that several of the NEC members cannot be allowed to access the party offices and guide activities there, yet they would like the party to hold integral elections well-planned with a roadmap and a budget. 

//Cue in; "Whatever is happening...  

Cue out ...to take place."//   

Kampala Deputy Lord Doreen Nyanjura vowed to use all possible means to fight any ploy to sell the party to the ruling National Resistance Movement. She says FDC members can't be cowed by any kind of beating. 

//Cue in; "And I am...

Cue out...defend their party."//

Buhweju County MP Francis Mwijukye equally emphasizes that they will do whatever is possible to ensure that Museveni doesn't take over FDC but rather take Amuriat, Nandala and their cohort if they so wish.

//Cue in; "I also want... 

Cue out...to President Museveni."//

Bukonzo West MP Atkins Katusabe said elections are a process which should be properly organized to deliver a better product. Katusabe says they owe a duty to the people who died in the fight for Uganda's democracy and to the future generations to come. 

//Cue in; "An election is...

Cue out...is the FDC."//

Trouble in FDC is steered by allegations that Nandala and Amuriat brought into the party money from suspicious sources. Referred to as dirty money by the party stalwarts, the money is suspected to have come from the ruling National Resistance Movement-NRM party. Although an investigation by FDC exonerated the duo, the rescue team still accused the duo of wanting to sell out the party to Museveni. 

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