FDC Supporters in Gulu Brace for Police Confrontation Ahead of Amuriat's Campaigns

Wilson Oyat Chagga, the FDC Parliamentary contestant for Gulu City West Division seat says their preparation to host Amuriat is within the laws of the country and any intimidations by the police won't stand on their way.
18 Nov 2020 13:40
File Photo by Dominic Ochola - Former FDC President Rtd. Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye (L), Kilak South County MP Gilbert Olanya and Patrick Obongi Amuriat cutting ribon to open new FDC offices in Kitgum Municipality

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Supporters of the opposition Forum for Democratic Change - FDC party say they are braced for police confrontation ahead of their presidential candidate, Patrick Oboi Amuriat's rally in Gulu City.

Their stance follows police deployment of two water cannon trucks and dozens of Field Force Unit - FFU police personnel on standby ahead of Amuriat's rally slated to take place at Awere football pitch on Wednesday. 

The two trucks that last night stationed at the main entrance of Gulu Regional Referral Hospital, opposite Gulu Central Police Station - CPS have been driven to the rally ground.

"It's rare seeing such riot control trucks in Gulu and I think they want to intimidate us."  Alex Odongpiny, FDC party supporter to URN this morning.

Francis Opiro, another FDC party supporter and a resident of Kirombe Parish in Gulu City West Division says they are braced for police brutality because they will not back off from exercising their constitutional rights.

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Wilson Oyat Chagga, the FDC Parliamentary contestant for Gulu City West Division seat says their preparation to host Amuriat is within the laws of the country and any intimidation by the police won't stand on their way.

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Aswa River Region Police Spokesperson, Jimmy Patrick Okema says that the water cannon trucks are meant to facilitate operations in the region but not aimed at targeting FDC supporters. He warned that as long as they operate within the COVID-19 directives, police won’t interfere with their campaigns.

Several party supporters and leaders including Betty Aol Ocan, the Leader of Opposition in Parliament - LoP, Christopher Acire, a contestant for Gulu City Mayoral race will receive Amuriat from the Aswa River bridge, at the border of Gulu and Pader Districts but police foiled their attempts to avoid any procession that may lead to overcrowding that flouts the SOPs aimed at containing the spread of global Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19).

On Tuesday, FDC officials in Gulu launched a new campaign dubbed ‘defaced posters’ after hundreds of the campaign posters and banners were allegedly confiscated and destroyed NRM party supporters ahead of President Museveni’s rally on Monday.

Amuriat also conducted his campaigns in Lamwo District in East Acholi after engaging police in running battles in Kitgum Municipality earlier on Tuesday. His campaign schedule had collided with that of the ruling National Resistance Movement - NRM presidential candidate, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhabura.