FDC Supports NUP on LOP Appointment

The position of FDC to support NUP leadership debunks claims on different media platforms that have been indicating that FDC as a party is not planning to work with NUP during its term as the main opposition party.

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The Forum for Democratic Change -FDC says it supports the National Unity Platform in the 11th parliament with its leadership under Mathias Mpuga.

On May 28, the National Unity Platform announced Mathias Mpunga as the leader of Opposition replacing Betty Aol Achan of FDC whose party no longer has the majority share of opposition seats in Parliament.

The position of FDC to support NUP's leadership debunks claims on different media platforms that have been indicating that FDC as a party is not planning to work with  NUP during its term as the main opposition party.

According to the FDC deputy spokesperson John Kikonyogo, the party will be working with the NUP in the 11th parliament to drive issues that affect the country.

Kikonyogo refers to the individuals that have continued to give their views and make them look like the party position as indiscipline.

Kikonyogo went ahead to congratulate the party members that were appointed on the different committees and all the opposition members that were listed on different committees.

Upon his appointment as the LOP, Mpuga is expected to name his shadow cabinet with whom he will be working to keep government business checked.

Kikonyogo advises that as NUP considers appointing other FDC members on its shadow cabinet, it would be better if it consults with the party before appointing members. He however, notes that either way, FDC will not hesitate to work with the opposition in parliament though they might have differences in strategy of achieving certain goals.

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Meanwhile the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), is summoning its Members of Parliament to explain why they had to divert from the party position by failing to vote for their own on the speakership seat.

Kikonyogo indicates that the party held several discussions with its MPs prior the speakership elections emphasizing their position.

He also says that the party constitution is clear on the matter and all the party members are expected to observe it.

About the action to be taken to the members that decided to act out of the constitution, Kikonyogo says that after hearing out the reasoning of the MPs as to why they acted contrary the party instructions, they will consider several issues before taking action.

He says that some members are still new and they need a second chance when it comes to disciplinary measures while those members who may have deliberately decided to act contrary to the party positionwill be handled differently.

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FDC had two candidates in the speakership race namely, Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda Kira Municipality for the speaker and the Mawokota South MP, Yusuf Nsibambi as deputy speaker.

Both candidates lost to the National Resistance Movement -NRM however, the magnitude of Ssemujju's loss was fueled by their own party members.

Ssemujju garnered 15 votes despite the party having 32 members of Parliament yet Yusuf Nsibambi, the Mawokota South MP, who stood for Deputy Speaker, got 35 votes.