Finance Minister Syda Bbumba Presents Her First Budget To The Country

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The Minister of Finance Syda Bbumba has presented to parliament the 2009/10 budget estimates increasing the national Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by One trillion shillings despite the global economic crisis.
The total budget for this year is 7.3 trillion shillings compared to 6.4 trillion in the last financial year.
Bumba told parliament that this year's government priority will focus on sectors such as Roads, Energy, Education, Health, Peace and Security, Rural water and good governance. Like last year, the road sector has taken the largest share of 1.18 trillion shillings.
The education sector meanwhile takes the second share of 700 billion shillings which President Yoweri Museveni said is intended to boost free education at primary and secondary levels.
This year's budget is also a relief to many Ugandans because there are no major tax increases that have been imposed on products or workers.
But the budget will affect a number of businesses such as manufacturers of polythene bags commonly known as ikaveerai, and importers of second hand electrical appliances like fridges and computers.
Bumba has banned the importation and manufacture of these products and instituted a three month grace period to allow for stock clearance. She said the ban is meant to safeguard our environment.
She said 4.4 trillion shillings, representing 67.4 per cent, will be generated locally while the balance of 32.7 per cent will come from foreign donations.
Commenting on the budget, President Museveni said the country has come a long way from 1986 when the country was collecting five billion shillings a year to today when the Uganda Revenue Authority is expected to collect revenue amounting to 4,475 billion shillings.