Fire Guts Lira Main Timber Workshop

Benjamin Okii, the proprietor of the ill fated workshop says that he lost 22 machines used for designing timber. The fire outbreak that broke started around few minutes passed 1am on Saturday burnt numerous properties including several ready beds, chairs, raw timbers and 22 machines for designing timber.
A group of police personel with residents strugling to put off the fire
Fire has gutted Lira timber main workshop in Lira municipality destroying property worth 500 million shillings. The fire broke out in the wee hours of Saturday morning. It destroyed property including 22 carpentry machines, beds, chairs, beds and tables. Joseph Odyek, a guard to a building next to the timber workshop along Bala road near radio unity says that he saw huge flames of fire afew minutes after 1am.

He says that immediately he raised an alarm that attracted several boda boda motorists to help put out the fire before the KK fire fighting team arrived. Benjamin Okii, the proprietor of the ill fated workshop says that he lost 22 specialized timber machines used for designing. Okii, a retired civil servant says that he has lost his live time investment, adding that it will be hard for him to start life afresh after losing everything he invested in the workshop. 

Okii says that he has four children who are expected to join senior one but their future hangs in balance because of the destruction of his workshop. Richard Aruk Maruk, the North Kyoga Central regional police commander says that they couldn't do much because of lack of a fire fighting truck and personnel. He however, says that the police headquarters will soon give them a fire tender to handle such incidents. mysteriously caught fire.

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