Fishermen on River Giligi Accuse LDU, UWA of Harassment

The fishermen on River Giligi allege that the LDUs and the UWA rangers tend to assault them and to confiscate their fishing gears.
Residents of bwikhonge gather near the subcounty headquarters

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Fishermen in Bunambutye, Bwikhonge and Nabbongo sub-counties in Bulambuli district have complained over the alleged harassment by Local Defense Units and officers of the Uganda Wildlife Authority.  

The fishermen on River Giligi allege that the LDUs and the UWA rangers tend to assault them and to confiscate their fishing gears.   

River Girigi is a small tributary located along the border of Bulambuli, Kween and Bukedea districts in Eastern Uganda. The fishermen often harvest mad fish and Tilapia fish species as an economic activity.

Majority of the residents from Teso, Bugisu and Sebei fish from this tributary using rudimentary methods and sell in the nearby markets to raise livelihood in their households.  

It is reported that on Friday last week, five fishermen were allegedly harassed, beaten and their fishing gears confiscated by security personnel and wildlife ranger’s operatives along River Girigi.


David Mungobi, a resident of Bulumera village in Bwikhonge Sub County says in the last ten years at least fifteen fishermen have lost lives in the hands of security personnel. 

//Cue in: "They used to go...  

Cue out:....failed to move"// 

Richard Wamala, one of the victims says two LDU personals suspected to be from Kamungei Local Defense Unit barracks in Kween district attacked, beat them up and confiscated their fish.   

//cue in: "I was beaten…  

Cue out:...I'm on treatment at muyembe//    

Patrick Saizi accuses the security of inflicting pain on his body and shooting unnecessary to scare them from fishing.    

//Cue in: "Security want us to die... 

Cue out:...God saved us"//    

Stephen Malanga, says that his arm was broken during the violence and wants authorities to intervene.

  //Cue in: "My arm was broken...

Cue out: ...we want justice// 

Moses Mukhwana, the District Councilor Bwikhonge sub-county faults the security operatives for what he termed segregation of Bagisu fishermen from the Itesots and Sabiny community whenever they go fishing.

//Cue in: "We have three... 

Cue situation" 

Peter Pekes Pak, the Bulambuli Resident District Commissioner says he has received reports of torture by the wildlife rangers and that he has instructed complainants to report to police. 

//Cue in: "Let those people...

Cue out:...we do verification"//  

Alex Mungoma Burundo, the Bulambuli County Member of Parliament has promised to intervene in the matter.

//Cue in: "This is a local issue...

Cue in........carry on fishing..//  

Edward Magombe, the UPDF Zonal Commander Anti Stock Safety Unit for Bulambuli and Sironko condemned the actions of the LDUs adding that they have been arrested and currently detained at Chepsikunya Local Defense Unit Barracks.   

//Cue in: "No illegal fishing....    

Cue out:...any person can fish..// 

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