Five people killed on Mbale-Bufumbo Road Accidents in Two Months

Rogers Taitika, the Elgon Region Police Spokesperson, says five people have died on the road in accidents over the last two months.
An accident that occured on mbale Bufumbo road, left a pregnan mother dead

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At least five people have lost their lives in accidents along the Mbale-Bufumbo road within a space of two months, according to Police reports. The 14.5 kilometer road that stretches from Mbale High court in Mbale City to Bufumbo Sub County is filled with potholes and has a broken bridge.

It is also the main link between Mbale City and Mbale District. However, the bridge at Busamaga broke down sometime in 2019 due to the heavy rains making it hard for travellers to move freely. It also the major route used by farmers from Buybyangu and Bufumbo sub-counties to transport their produce such as Irish potatoes, cabbages, carrot, Bananas and milk to Mbale city.

Rogers Taitika, the Elgon Region Police Spokesperson, says five people have died on the road in accidents over the last two months. The latest accident occurred on Monday evening where 27-year-old Aisha Woguti, a resident of Busamaga who knocked dead by a speeding vehicle while riding on a Boda boda hospital for delivery. Four other people sustained injuries in the same accident. 

Last month, a student of Islamic University in Uganda was knocked dead by Boda boda rider escaping from police for violating the night-time curfew. Taitika said that they plan to deploy traffic officers on the road to minimize accidents and urged the road users to be cautious. He singles out the poor state of the road coupled with bad driving as the major drivers of accidents on the road.

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Residents have decried the increasing accidents on the same spot on the road, which they say has become deadly. 

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Sowedi Mwima, one of the road users, says that the accidents on the road are caused by riders while trying to dodge potholes and end up ramming into vehicles.  

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Abdallah Magambo, the Northern City Division West Councilor Elect for wonders why the government has taken long to rehabilitate the road, which has turned into a deathtrap.

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Isaac Woniala, the Industrial City West Councilor Elect who doubles as Busamaga ward council, says that they have severally approached Uganda National Roads Authority over the issue of the road but their pleas have not yielded results.

He says because of the bad state of the road, it is hard for people to access their homes, schools and health facilities.

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Robert Kugonza, the Maintenance Engineer Uganda National Roads Authority Mbale Sub Station told Uganda Radio Network that they have started maintenance works on the road.

He says that they are replacing the current bridge with culverts as they wait for the construction works to begin.

He said that the Roads Authority is aware of the bad state of the road and they are doing what it takes to rectify the situation. 

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