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Flash Floods Wash Away Bridges in Napak :: Uganda Radionetwork

Flash Floods Wash Away Bridges in Napak

The most affected areas are in the sub-counties of Lotome, Kangole Town Council, Poron, and Apeitolim.
Iriiri road connecting to Poron and Apeitolim sub counties submerged in water

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Several bridges in Napak district have been washed away by flash floods, leaving residents stranded. 

The most affected areas are in the sub-counties of Lotome,  Kangole Town Council, Poron, and Apeitolim. 

For instance in Poron Sub County, the bridge was washed away forcing the forces to reallocate their Yankee Battalion military detachment that was about 300 meters away. The bridge connects Iriiri Sub County to Poron and Apeitolim sub-counties.  

This has left road users stranded while others pay between 6,000 and 10,000 shillings to be carried across the bridge.

Jimmy Ayela, the UPDF officer attached to the 37 Battalion whom our reporter stranded at the bridge with his motorbike said that floods have hampered their transport.

Ayela said they have been blocked and can no longer receive their food supplies because of the broken bridge. He expressed his fears that the situation may worsen following the continuous rainfall and the water is now advancing to the surrounding communities. 

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Rupus Apuwa, a resident of Lokalumok village in Kangole Town council said that the flash floods from Lotome Sub-county side destroyed the bridge and failed to access the next village.  

He explained that the bridge connects Kangole Town Council to Matany town and is the shortest route compared to the main road.

Apuwa said that they are now forced to use the main road which is 5 kilometers to reach Matany town council yet the shortcut is 3 kilometers.

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Joseph Icumar, the LCI Chairperson of Loro village in Lotome Sub County appealed to the Uganda National Road Authority-UNRA to consider rehabilitating the bridge to ease transport.

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John Paul Kodet, the LCV Chairperson of Napak district noted that the rains have been pounding the areas and this may affect the ongoing census unless enumerators wait until the rains are subsidized.

He explained that sub-counties like Apeitolim, Poron, and Lotome are completely cut off and the district shall have to transport the enumerators through different routes to access the communities. 

Kodet said that the bridge from Poron Sub County has been cut off and the culverts washed away while still under construction by UNRA.

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