Flood Victims in Kwania District Demand For Relief

The flash floods have so far displaced residents in the parishes of Atuma, Anwangi, and Owiny in Nambieso Sub County and those in Alido, Atongtidi and Atule in Chawente Sub County.
A farmer in his flooded garden

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More than 500 residents of Nambieso and Chawente Sub County in Kwania district who were displaced by floods are starving.

The residents who live along the shores of Lake Kwania have remained homeless and their gardens of crops submerged after the Lake burst its banks last month.

Jimmy Emmanuel Okello Ecun, the Nambieso Sub County Male Councillor expressed fear that the affected communities will suffer severe famine since they mainly depend on subsistence farming.

He argued that it is the responsibility of the government to protect its citizen and their property.

Okello wants the government to provide relief food and compensate the flood-affected persons for losses incurred as well as temporal structures for their shelter.

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Nelson Obwol, a resident of Lwala Village in Anwangi parish, Nambieso Sub County, said water has now submerged his four acres of sunflower and soya.

Another resident, Sharon Odur, a resident of Ilera Village Aornga parish in Nambieso Sub County says water is rapidly flowing out of the lake daily forcing people to abandon their homes and sleeping under trees.

Basil Anthony Okello Onac, the Kwania LCV Chairperson says that observed that as the district there is an urgent need to support the Disaster Management Committee to respond to emergencies in the district. 

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