Floods Hit Karusandara Sub County

The early torrential rains that increased water volumes in River Mubuku, River Sebwe and their channels have left gardens and a section of homes submerged.
Some of the farmers wade through the waters after the heavy rains

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Several villages in Karusandara Sub County, Kasese District have been cut off by floods following the heavy rains that hit the district.

The most affected areas are Kabaka, Kabuga, Kanamba, Ngando and Kivengenyi.

Aggrey Byarugaba a farmer from Kabuga village says he lost nearly 8 acres of his ready mixed gardens. Byarugaba had invested over two million shillings into farming and he is worried how he will cope up after the disaster.


//Cue in:”Ebintu biti byoona.. 

Cue out: …sabandi naziha nkahe.”//

Naome Mutesa another farmer who lost his groundnuts and maize gardens wants the government to intervene and re-channel the water.

Rukiga  //Cue in: “Ehazibe otehe obuyambi… 

Cue out:..oho ntusa kubajje.”//

Ashraf Maniraguha who lost nearly 5acres of his maize garden says most farmers were either harvesting or expecting to harvest soon.

//Cue in:”Amazi katukuba nyo…

Cue out:…kati tunakol tukya.”//

Andrew Rwanika 68 years whose house was submerged, says that the road drainage channel in the area has intensified water volumes into his land.

//Cue in:” “Season yamizi nigantera 

Cue out:..zambinga mukibanja kyange.”// 

Francis Tumwine Santos the sub-county councillor to the district says they have lost a lot of crops that have been the main source of food and income for residents. He says that over 200 families are at the risk of starvation.

He wants the government to help in de-silting the River Mubuku.

//Cue in: “Nkahati emihanda yabire… 

Cue tirye amizi.”// 

The Kasese RDC Joe Walusimbi says they are yet to reach the area to access the needed assistance to the affected.